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Lawyer Johnson

Lawyer Johnson proves his motto, “There are no deadlines on dreams,” true. Native to upstate New York, raised in other parts of NY and North Carolina, he now calls Phoenix home, around where he performs regularly. As a child, he grew up on Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy and other legends, performing Murphy’s “Raw” for his family and starting to develop comedic timing then. He also practiced that timing in school by making fun of classmates and earning detentions and suspensions.  However, he began his standup career later in life; hence, his motto. Today, Lawyer blends what he learned in his youth with an animated, engaging style enamoring audiences all over the scene. Those deadlines he lacks are twofold: to not only be one of the most famous, well-loved comedians in the world, but also to create youth programs in inner cities to keep kids out of gangs, off the streets trouble-free. Wonderful dreams for a man who has the refined talent to make them happen. See him at COMS and laugh at a lawyer for once!

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Lawyer Johnson